Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a ticket?

Each ticket costs 100 naira. This gives you 5 chances in the draw (@20 naira each).

How many tickets can I buy?

You can play as many tickets as your wallet can afford you. If you have N1,000 in your wallet, then the maximum you can play is 10.

How are winners selected?

The winner is selected randomly, each period, from all chances played in the period.

How do I know when I have won?

If you are the lucky winner selected, you will be notified by SMS and our agent will call to inform you. Please note that we will be ask you for money or any confidential information. Read our Terms and Conditions for more.

How do I buy Tickets?

You have to fund your wallet to play. You can fund your wallet using your ATM (Debit/Credit) card on our website. You will have to create an account and activate first. See the How to WIN section for details.